Cultural centre

The cultural centre, a former monastery on the border in the Pastoor de Katerstraat accommodates the International Library of Baarle, the Academy for...

Pastoor de Katerstraat 5-7, Baarle-Nassau

Bodega & Galerie Avant-Art

Art, Quality Wine & Tapas. A trinity in the perfect atmosphere for a night out.

Molenstraat 4, Baarle Hertog


The Plus Foundation aims to organize and initiate socio-cultural activities for people aged 16 and over.

Pastoor de Katerstraat 5-7, Baarle-Nassau


This old town hall was used from 1877 to 1986 as the town hall and forester post of Baarle-Hertog.

Kerkstraat 4, Baarle-Hertog

Visitor center Baarle

In the visitor center at Tourism Baarle you can see and read everything about Baarle's unique enclave puzzle.

Singel 1, Baarle-Nassau

High Five Art Galerie

High Five Art is an exhibition space and art gallery with a special focus on textile art.

Hoogbraak 5, Baarle-Nassau

Library Theek 5 Baarle

The only international public library in Belgium and the Netherlands is located on the ground floor of the cultural center.

Pastoor de Katerstraat 5-7, Baarle-Hertog/Nassau