Fishpond the Goordonk

Oude Bredasebaan, Baarle-Nassau

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Fishpond the Goordonk is a fishing pond dug in 1988 and opened in 1989 to the northwest of Baarle-Nassau. The total surface of the pond is approximately 1.6 hectares. The average depth of the water is about 2.50 meters with a deepest point of about 4 meters. The bottom of the pond consists of sand. The banks of the pond are covered with grasses and in various places there are shrubs and trees up to the shore.

The pond also has a prohibited fishing area. This is described as a spawning ground and is a resting area. The pond is dependent on ground and rainwater and is not in open connection with other surface water. In the pond there are water lilies, plumps and there are underwater plants, good for spawning the fish.

There is a walking path around the entire fishing pond and benches have been placed at various places where one can enjoy nature.

The pond was deepened along the shore zone in February 2006. This has created a greater number of meters of fishable shore. There is a total take-away ban for all types of fish and plants. In January 2007 a clay layer was applied to bring the biotope for the fish to a better level. This clay layer also ensures that the water does not drain away as quickly in the banks around the pond and the water level will remain at an acceptable level for longer.

The water is not included in the large permit. As a result, only members and day and week permit holders are allowed to fish the water.

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