The church village of Ulicoten is a typical rural village. Except for one piece, enclave number 22, the entire village belongs to the Netherlands. Read more

Make sure to make a well-deserved stop in Ulicoten during a wonderful cycling or walking tour. Settle down at Eetcafés de Kluis or de Kneut.

The church village of Ulicoten, about 4 km west of Baarle, is a typical rural village. Except for one piece of pastureland, the former 'No Man's Land', which was given the Belgian enclave number 22 in 1995, the entire territory of Ulicoten belongs to the municipality of Baarle-Nassau.

For centuries, Ulicoten has distinguished itself from other small villages in Brabant with the veneration of Saint Bernard. As a result, many pilgrims from near and far come to the St. Bernardus chapel in Ulicoten every year. At Easter and Pentecost, but especially on August 20, the feast day of Bernardus, Ulicoten sees a large influx of worshippers.

On the corner of Dorpsstraat and Molenstraat is a statue of the hairy farmer. “Haren” is an old way of sharpening the scythe and the sight, two agricultural tools. The statue is of Jan Boeren, priest, missionary, sculptor and born in Ulicoten. The statue is an ode to his ancestors and all the former inhabitants of Ulicoten, hard-working peasant people.


Eetcafé De Kluis

Sfeervol restaurant in het dorp Ulicoten (gemeente Baarle-Nassau).

Dorpsstraat 32a, Ulicoten